National Association of Food Industry Engineers, representing all the food processing industries, particularly SMEs, and brings together several thousand Polish food producing SMEs.

Council of Food Sector at the Polish Ministry of Agriculture, forum of professional organizations, to facilitate contact and cooperation between the food sector and the sphere of scientific and also state administration.

National Association of Dairy Cooperatives, is the greatest Polish organization, acting in favour of dairy sector in Poland, consists, at present 100 dairy cooperatives, mainly SMEs.

National Association of Dairy Professionals. Together with the National Dairy Commission FIL/IDF to connect scientists and practitioners in the use of global research capacity for the benefit of Polish dairy industry especially SMEs.

Association of Polish Butchers and Sausage Manufacturers. The aim of the organization is to activate butchers for implementation of new technology, innovation in the field of meat processing and sausage making and improve professional skills.

The National Council of Bakery and Confectionery. The aim of the organization is to activate employed in this sector for the implementation of new technology, innovation in the Bakery and Confectionery field and improve professional skills.

Polish Society of Food Technologists

Polish Technology Platform for Biotechnology

Polish Chamber of Commerce for Food Industry and Packaging

Food Concept

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