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Food Concept is a SME based in Poland, and specializes in advising and research in food and biotech sector, especially in terms of product and processing development, as well as product and consumer market research .
The most important aims of the company are supporting food  product innovation, knowledge transfer, developing new ways for the prevention of diet-related diseases, and for maintaining and promoting optimal health and well-being across lifespan and ultimately towards healthy ageing.
Food Concept team experts has extensive experience  in researching and implementation on:  changing of  nowadays food ,  research and analysis of food consumption and consumer behavior , household economy and food  marketing.  Research experience and implementation cover  the most important project fields in the 'triple helix'; regulators, businesses/technology  and consumers.

Food Concept has a great recognition of the Polish food market ,it is a member and participates in the Polish Food Technology and Biotechnology Platform. Food Concept is authorized to promote new knowledge by the National Food Industry Association of Engineers .