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Food Concept | Market analysis and knowledge transfer in area foods

Progress of food product and food technology, food safety, health and nutrition, market analysis and knowledge transfer in area foods as well as biotech companies.

Progress of food product and food technology, food safety, health and nutrition, market analysis and knowledge transfer in area foods as well as biotech companies.


Food Concept is a SME based in Poland, and specializes in advising and research in the food and biotech sector, especially in terms of product and processing development, as well as food products market research and consumer market research, food consumer awareness assessment, studying the attitude of SMEs towards new technologies and trends in nutrition.

Study social attitudes to healthy and sustainable diets, health indicators, lifestyle, environment, personalisation.

The important aims of the Company are supporting of implementation on the market the food product and technology innovation, knowledge and new technology transfer.

The Food Concept team is an outstanding specialist in the fields of food technology, food safety, nutrition, economics and market research.

Research experience and implementation cover the most important project fields in the ‚triple helix’; regulators, businesses/technology and consumers.

Food Concept has significant experience in implementing of international EU FP7 Research and Innovation programme

Food Concept- Participation in the preparation and implementation of the project FP7 613776 TRADEIT FP7-KBBE-2013-7-single-stage. www.tradeitnetwork.eu marketplace.tradeitnetwork.eu

The TRADEIT project is a multidisciplinary, multi-sectorial collaborative project supporting a a common network of traditional food producers with scientists and specialized companies in the areas of Collaboration, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge and Technology transfer to increase the competiveness and inter-regional advantage of SMEs producing traditional food in the EU.

Polish edition TRADEIT bulletin:

Food Concept was working in international consortia on FP7 project preparation, inter alia:

1. FP7-KBBE-5-2011: Healthy Foods Processed foods with lower salt, fat and sugar content. Title: Overcoming technical, consumer and industry barriers to salt, fat and sugar reduction in processed foods. Type of funding scheme: Small or medium-scale focused research project targeted to SMEs.

2. FP7-KBBE.2012.2.3-04: Personalised approaches to food production and distribution. Title: Health Beneficial, Readily Available and Nutritiously Developed FOODs for children.. Type of funding scheme: Collaborative Project , small or medium-scale focused research project targeted to SMEs.

3. FP7-KBBE.2012.2.1-01: Role of health-related symbols and claims in consumer behavior. Full title: Consumer Labelling Expertise Advice Research. Acronym: CLEAR. Type of funding scheme Collaborative project (small or medium-scale focused research project).

4. FP7-KBBE.2013.3.1-01: Plant High-Value Products – from discovery to final product. Title: Technology Utilisation in Bio-Geo Environmental Research: exemplary for innovative truffle biotechnology, domestication, economy and remote sensing. Acronym: TUBER. Type of funding scheme: Collaborative Project.

5. Horizon2020 MSCA-ITN-ETN -2017 Proposal number: 765701 Proposal acronym: FoodPrint. Proposal title: Molecular tools for food traceability, quality and food safety ,Activity: ENV

6. Horizon2020-SFS-2017, Funding scheme: IA Proposal number: 774612 Proposal acronym: BIOACINTELPAC. Proposal title: Biorenewable, bio-degradable, active, and intelligent packaging films for improved storage, protection and monitoring of high sensitivity foods Activity: SFS-35

7. COST Action Proposal OC-2016-2-21180 „European Network on Sustainable Food Processing for SMEs” to the COST Open Call OC-2016-2.”

Food Concept

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10-847 Olsztyn, Poland